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Welcome to Henna Tattoos by Piya, we use freshly made, 100% organic, and safe henna paste.

Our Henna products are sourced and supplied through Ash Kumar ensuring top quality and long lasting Henna.

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Look like a Bride

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Small Pattern

A single strip, back of your hand or on the palm
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A custom deign of your choice, Any area either wrist, ankle ...
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Bridal Style

Look like a Bride, Have an intricate design, just like bride!!
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“The only issue i have is she is not available during weekdays nor in evenings but works on sat, sun and I am busy during weekends to timings was bit tricky but i hope she offer during weekdays and or evenings. but I would recommend her to anyone, atleast try her services, she is very reasonable and sweet”



“I bought a Henna cone just  for personal use and practice. The colour was  organge in the beginning but soon became marroney – like real real dark red. was so happy. Every time i go out people notice and says thats really good quality henna. I trust her products as she source it from a reputable suppliers and rest”

Sonu Patel

Sonu Patel

I had Henna done during the Eastleigh Mela. Piya is very artistic and creative, very patient and focused.Her patternd are cool especially I love her curvey flower. looks so beautiful. I always go to her anytime i need henna.

Sonu Patel

Sonu Patel